To be included in the conference program, materials based on the results of your own theoretical and experimental studies are considered. Thesis should be carefully edited, it must be written correctly, without spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. For special designations, superscripts and subscripts (e.g. CO2 or m2) must be used.

Authors are responsible for their content, the accuracy of the facts, quotes, statistical and other data, names, titles and other information. Materials that do not correspond to the subject of the conference are not properly designed, can be rejected by the organizing committee.


Thesis volume: 2 pages in English, taking into account the title, abstracts in Russian and English, figures, tables, funding sources and references to literary sources.

  • Page parameters: А4
  • Indentations: upper and lower – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm
  • File format: docx
  • Font Times New Roman, 11 point type
  • Line-spacing – single line space
  • Abstracts in Russian and English – 100-200 words
  • Number of figures – up to three
  • Number of tables – up to three

The first line is UDC (top left); further in the center: the initials and surnames of the authors in semi-bold, if the authors work in different and/or several organizations, after the surname, without a space, indicate the link in the form of a number, drawn up as a superscript; then on the next line in the center in normal font – name of the organization. In the case of several organizations – listing in order: first, organization number is indicated by a numeric, drawn up as a superscript (1), then country, authors’ e-mail.

Through line – article title: centered, semi-bold, register ALL UPPERCASE. The title of the article should be short and capacious.

Further through the line – Abstract/annotation (100-200 words) in English, from a new line – keywords up to 5 (Key words).

The main text of the thesis is separated from the annotation by an empty line. References to literary sources are given in numbers in square brackets  as they are mentioned (no more than 5): [1, 2, 3]. If necessary, tables and figures (no more than 3) can be included in the thesis text, which are numbered and indicated in parentheses as they appear in the text. Figures/tables are separated from the text of the thesis and from the signature by an empty line.

Table 1- Tables design rules

Location Font Font size Line-spacing Aligning Table notes 
In the text after first mention Times New Roman 10 regular font Single line space Centered Do not separate from table by empty string

Resolution of illustrations – at least 300 dpi. The figure should be inserted directly into the file (not a link). The figure should be black-and-white, captions in the drawing field must be in the language in which the main text of the abstract is presented. Text wrap around figures is NOT ALLOWED. Caption is made out in the center of figure’s bottom as follows:

Figure 1 – Figure title

After the main text in English, annotation of thesis and keywords in Kazakh* and Russian, designed similarly to the English version, are followed.

At the end is a references list. It is allowed to cite no more than 5 references to literary sources. References should be made out according to the rules of the journal “News of NAS RK. A series of chemistry and technology”.

Text is provided as MSWord file. The file name should be given in the following format: section number_thesis_surname N.P., for example: 2_thesis_Ivanov I.I.docx

Materials with an application must be sent by April 20, 2020 to e-mail of conference organizing committee:

* Abstracts translation into Kazakh for NON-RESIDENTS of Kazakhstan will be carried out by the organizing committee.